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Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I also think that Satoshi was a bit surprised at how strongly Chitanda reacted to it, which probably left him feeling guilty (hence the call to Mayaka).
Few fans have already touched up on the kind of relatioship Satoshi and Mayaka are into even before this episode aired. This episode simply clarified on what's the hurdle that needs to be got over before this relationship can work. It's pretty much the awkward way they are communicating, mostly stemming from what they feel they are lacking individually. Those two will be alright, and I think pretty much written-in-stone that those two will hook up eventually. So, which is why I don't think Satoshi is calling Mayaka out of guilt from how Chitanda reacted. Satoshi knew that Mayaka would realize almost instantly, and Mayaka knew as soon as she walked into the room. What they, both, didn't expect on how Chitanda would react. While they both felt guilty, they will still need to resolve that stalemate of their relationship not out of guilt for Chitanda, but because they would want to. It was pretty much Oreki's point to Satoshi when he said what he said.....

What we've really learned from this episode is that anyone who makes friend with Chitanda can count on her support without any reservation, that she will be there for them thick and thin. And that every person can call themselves lucky to make such friend. As for Oreki.... that lucky bastard!

Originally Posted by Shergal View Post
A lot of the discussion could be summed up in what Oreki told him at the end of the episode.

"You're good at what you do, but you need to work on how you do it."

Maybe it's this comment what ended pushing him to call Mayaka.
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