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There's really not much to say, I was just as mesmerized with the episode as Oreki was with Chitanda. That is, until the end and Chitanda had spoken her mind about "her small world". No, at that point I was witnessing the birth of a masterpiece. That scene, and those lines defined perfection for me...showcasing mastery of the subtleties this show is known for.

I constantly say endings will make or break a show for me, no matter how great the journey was to get there. These days, it takes more to satisfy my need for closure (established couples, epilogue, time skips, happy ever afters, etc.) but there will be no such complaints from me here. Well, other than the complaint that the show has actually ended.

Which is saying something, since the romance buff in me was exploding with pure joy for such a fleeting moment. I'm sure if you listened carefully you could literally hear my excitement shatter into a million pieces. Well played KyoAni, well played.
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