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Originally Posted by thundrakkon View Post
Btw, after all this time, they still call each other by their last name. Some things are a little too slow...
Houtaro knew Mayaka for 10 years and she still only calls him "Oreki". Chitanda is still calling Houtaro "Oreki san", the fact Houtaro after a year is calling Eru "Chitanda" without the san shows progress already.

Originally Posted by Bahamut
...Eru more or less confessed to the point of showing who she is and what she will bring with her...
err, Eru is the only daughter/off spring of a famous, rich local family, that meant she has to succeed the family, which is all the "This is who I am, this is where I will be." statement meant, in character, she does not shy away from the burden, whoever want Eru will have to marry into the Chitanda family and use the Chitanda last name,

and Houtaro thought it can work, with him compliment her in different expertise, only to chicken out like Satoshi did.

look up the real live doll festival, (plenty of youtube video, been going on for 61 years.)

the sub wasn't clear, but Chitanda was playing the "Queen", a rather important position, probably only behind the Emperor, which gives Irisu's being senior with a more mature look, makes sense to have her there, but Queen is definitely the more glamours job for girls?

(at the beginning I thought those two were playing the left and right general

there is supposed only one umbrella holder, and he is for the Emperor, not the Queen, (she did have girls holding her long dress after her instead.) obviously the author took liberty there?

the parade is not easy, not in their custom shoes and dress clothes, and the umbrella is big and unwieldy, with the weather usually breezy. when Houtaro went into a "fuzzy" state, I thought it has more to do with him catching a cold, which he did.

yes, usually it is an older guy with glasses (senior member) doing the umbrella…

the crossing of the bridge is definitely one of the more scenery shot of the parade, of course the anime did not give us that, since we have that shot in the previous episode in the snow already.

and if there is rain like 2012? they parade within the temple with sakura branches ties to the poles .

the economic impact of this anime is going to rival K-On, Lucky Star, and Summer Wars, since they use real locations for all the shots,
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