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Originally Posted by Hata View Post
Houtaro knew Mayaka for 10 years and she still only calls him "Oreki". Chitanda is still calling Houtaro "Oreki san", the fact Houtaro after a year is calling Eru "Chitanda" without the san shows progress already.
I think Mayaka calls him Oreki more to spite him and keep a distance from him. She does not like him; hence, no reason for her to get close with him.

However, Eru and Houtarou are very close already. How often have they done things with just the 2 of them? Yeah, Houtaro has made progress by dropping the "san", but that is still a snail's pace. I would have hoped by the end of this episode, they would have tried to call each other by their first names, but oh well, it was still a beautiful ending.
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