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Originally Posted by ReddyRedWolf View Post
I actually feel sorry for Zera Gins and Sid.

Zera Gins is nothing more than human robot that got the infamous tag as the final boss.

Sid is an AI gone crapshoot but with good reason. It guards the EXA-DB from being used unwisely. Ezelcant steals a portion of the data and creates weapons of death. From then on its objective is to destroy anybody getting near it.

Then its asteroid gets blown barely saving the EXA-DB.

Goes to Earth to find what is the fuzz is all about with the Federation and Vegans fighting over it. Finds a huge-ass death ray.

That was the final straw for Sid. Proceeds to destroy the death ray and the idiots who built it.
Hijacking the Vegan Gears fighting everybody and ripped to pieces by Kio.
I can believe that. SID, the true unsung hero of AGE.

I demand a golden statue.
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