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It's a highly advance AI, so I think it has some degree of independent thought, though in the end it does not really matter, since it doesn't take from the tragedy, merely adds to it.

SID was created to safeguard the EXA DB, to protect humanity from destroying itself. We created it to be the perfect guardian, and it had fulfilled it's role to the very end, regardless of how humanity, it's creator, attempted to gain back that destructive knowledge.

To the very end, SID lived to fulfill it's role of being mankind's protector, no matter how many times it got beat up by two butthurt high school lovers, no matter how hopeless the situation was, it still got around to try and and do it's duty, to protect us from our own stupidity. Hell, it it was sentient, I bet it was in it's plan to show up then to help rally everyone together against it so they'd stop killing each other.

SID is a true Bro.

Also, this

Spoiler for The strongest Gundam:
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