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Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
The government is too big, too corrupt, and too inefficient.
No, the United States Federal government is NOT big enough to sufficiently manage a country of over 300 million people. In, fact, I'll outright say that almost any major notion of cutting welfare will cause so many shockwaves throughout the system that it will cause the entire system to become disorganized to the point there might as well be no welfare. The problem of the US is that instead of too much being spent, not enough is being raised in the first place. When a government is trying to run a budget that is about 24% of the GDP while raising only 15% of GDP worth of funds, you either have to cut too much (and risk making everything crash down) or you raise revenues.

This is the fundamental problem that few people see, if they notice it at all. The US federal government as it is right now is not sufficiently big enough to provide all the services it should be providing, and this is assuming we don't take into account military R&D and the extra costs of the wars. The only way people are going to maintain things is getting the necessary budget. People talk about the wastes of a crazy medical insurance system and the such, but those are peanuts compared to the basic spending needed to actually give out service in the first place.
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