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Originally Posted by Xagzan View Post
This is embarrassing to watch.
Originally Posted by justinstrife View Post
I saw that earlier on the corvetteforum. Good entertainment for sure.
admit it

it was a 90 minute epic royal smackdown NO ONE saw coming... unless you're Crispy Creme Christie.

that fat fuck from Jersey was sure right on the money!

look, everyone from Chris Matthews & Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), CNN, Fox News,, Drudge Report, CBS, NBC, ect... even Hollywood
EXTREME Lefties: Bill Maher, Michael Moore, & Samuel Jackson... name me a Lefty - EVERYONE said Obama seemed unpassionate, bored, & in dire need of a teleprompter

the Left is furious with the moderator for letting Romney 'speak' and actually NOT helping Obama.
worse yet, they all concede Romney was a Ginsu Blade shredding every topic in his path and Obama was barely a butter Knife.

twitter set ALL-Time records for traffic and Chris Matthews had a near Melt-down. (see my clip above)
it was such a clock cleaning the LEFT can't find ANYTHING good to say about Obama... except that he didn't puke on himself or fall asleep.

(oh & BTW - today is the 0bama's wedding anniversary, how romantic.)

again, it was practically a 'school yard beating' with a moderator. i am NOT Exaggerating! the Left is FURIOUS with Obama. NO ONE's is really attacking Romney... it's like 80% WTF Happen to Obama!?

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