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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Dafuq. Is there one source of news aside from ANN that is actually reliable and unbiased? (And don't tell me that ANN has its own share of sensationalism as well. )

I think "avoiding moe from becoming a topic in creative meetings" is "trying to avoid moe from Psycho-Pass" in my opinion.
So what if it is? You're not getting enough moe from the literally dozens upon dozens of other anime shows per year that clearly embraces it?

I like moe myself, but that doesn't mean I need it in every anime show I watch. There's no harm in the people behind Psycho-Pass basically saying "We want this show to be different. We want it to stand apart from most modern anime shows. One way we aim at achieving that is by avoiding all discussions of moe during the production of the show, since moe is an exceptionally common element in modern anime."

Originally Posted by MartianMage View Post
Can simply be poor wording on their part. It's only the first episode and people are already talking like they know the system.
I'm not saying that "I know the system". I'm saying that...

1) There's no good, in-canon reason to think that the gun is giving recommendations instead of giving commands.

2) Going by the wording used, it sounds more like its giving commands.

So why are people just assuming its giving recommendations? Because that would make the system more defensible? Maybe the system isn't meant to be defensible. And like I wrote before, a crazy system doesn't mean a stupid story. 1984 had a crazy system, but it was definitely not a stupid story.

Originally Posted by traittrait View Post
Hey, why do you forget abouth this little part:

The gun activates it's Lethal Mode based on target's threat.
If the goal of the gun is to simply end the immediate threat posed by the target, then why is killing better than paralyzing? Paralyzing will usually get the job done (I can see the gun changing settings if you run into some doped up guy like the rapist in this episode was, but for most people a paralyzing shot should subdue them just fine).

Originally Posted by desrtsku View Post
It's not questionable at all, it's actually pretty understandable. When some people lose it, they might become really violent and calm their self down a few moment later.
Well, what I put in bold is precisely my point, and it's precisely why it is very questionable to switch so suddenly from Lethal Shot to Paralyzing Shot. If your legal system takes rehabilitation seriously (and this system seems to, as the criminal of this episode became a criminal in part due to refusing therapy), you wouldn't want to kill someone just because they've temporarily lost it.

If the legal system takes rehabilitation seriously, you'd only want the gun to switch to Lethal Mode if...

1) Paralyzing shot isn't working for some reason (that wasn't a factor with the woman who had been raped), or...

2) The target is a complete psychopath/sociopath that's too far gone to be believably rehabilitated (think of The Joker from Batman comics).

Like I wrote before, I can imagine (and probably even accept) this system determining that some targets really are too far gone to be worth trying to rehabilitate. But that decision should be based on more than just moments of extreme trauma and high emotionality, which people tend to recover from at least to some extent.
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