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Originally Posted by totoum View Post
Well,I'll leave the moe discussion alone since I don't really care for itall that much

Right,what got me confused is that the gun doesn't always give the order.The first time they shot the rapist for example it just said "Crime Coefficient is over by 190.He's a target for enforcement action,the safety will be released",then after the paralyser fails it says "Target's Threat Judgement has been updated. Enforcement mode is Lethal Eliminator" but doesn't say " Aim carefully and eliminate the target."

Same for the victim at first: it just says "Crime Coefficient is over by 160.Se's a target for enforcement action,the safety will be released"

The characters keep talking about the "sibyl judgement", the victim is "far enough gone that we don't need to wait for sibyl judgement" and it seems to be that lethal mode was activated once that judgement is received.
Now I don't know how the sibyl system works but it could be more than a coefficient reading or else there'd be no need to wait for it,unless ""sibyl judgement" is just something that happens automatically once you go past a certain coefficient point and the team didn't want to wait for that to happen.
Well, you could be right that the characters are sometimes jumping the gun (quite literally in this case, lol ).

And yeah, it's just one episode.

Anyway, even if the system is crazy today, maybe it started as a reasonably sane and effective system. How the system has corrupted over time could be an interesting story itself.

But what story Gen wants to tell here, we'll have to wait and see. I will say I'm liking it a lot so far.
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