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Err, pardon for bumping. So, there's this new Dengeki Bunko LN that was posted 2 pages back, Last Savior by Yagi Uzuki which just got released yesterday.


If anyone doesn't mind, could you please translate the synopsis? All I could make out from it is something like "In year 2140, beings known as Aions/Angels are attacking humans and as a result, mankind is on the brink of extinction" and that the protagonist is someone who time-traveled from the year 2015.

ときは西暦2140年。史上最悪の敵「天使」による容赦ない猛威にさらされ、人類はその数を極端に減らし、 まさに絶滅の危機に瀕していた……。
 奇怪な事故に遭遇し、2015年の平和な世界から飛ばされてきた名薙綾月は、その過酷な境遇に動揺しなが らも、自らの運命と人類の未来に希望を見出すべく、立ち上がる。その手に輝く剣を携えて──。
My apologize if this is too much trouble.
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