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Originally Posted by Marina2 View Post
I think anyone can be in that tank, it's a basic job to try to cover a flag tank anyway.

By the way, Erika maybe in the tank Miho rescued but she didn't feel thankful for it.

My theory is:

Erika back story

Erika has been admiring Maho as her idol for a long time and tried her best to get on Maho's side as a vice-commander but there was one problem: Miho

Miho's skill as Nishizumi family member is too high for Erika to overcome no matter how hard she tried. Her dream to be a vice-commander was completely sealed off. Erika has been in jelious of Miho since then.

One day in the match with Pravda, her tank (She was the commander of that tank) that was covering Flag tank got hit and fell into the water and Miho had to help her which cost the victory of Black Forest.

Erika locked herself in her room, crying. While everyone seems to blame Miho for the lose, Erika realized that if her tank didn't fall in the water in the first place and made Miho (the one whom she hate the most) to come to help her, Black Forest won't lose.....While the tear was flowing from her eyes, an evil thought suddenly appeared in her head.

(Wait, It was Miho fault that abandon the tank not mine!! )

(Mihoís fame as Nishizumi is now ruined with the defeated of Black Forest; I can use this chance to prove that Iím better than her!)

Next few weeks, Miho quitted from Black Forest and went to Oarai, Erikaís future to become the Vice commander is now guaranteed.

"Maho-san, finally, I can be at your side ^^"


My theory is that Erika's attitude towards Miho stems from disappointment. Erika seems like a person who really embraced the Nishizumi-style of tankery. She probably worships Shiho as the style head and looks up to Maho as its first disciple.

Given such expectations, Miho would fall short by a wide margin. First, she's not stoic enough--she is too touchy-feely as a person. Worse, this rubs off on her tactics, where inconsequential things such as "safety" takes priority over victory. All these things are something one can see in daily interaction. Most likely, Erika didn't like Miho long before the flag tank incident because she saw Miho as a disappointment--the incident was merely the final straw.

Originally Posted by Top Sergeant View Post
Maho definately seems to be internalizing something. She is a very strict, obedient daughter but actually disagrees with her mother about leaving when they are watching the Pravda match (which surprises her mother), and after the Saunders match offers the use of the helicopter to fly Mako to the hospital, which surprises both Erika and Miho. Still, she will not speak with Miho.
Maho was my favourite long before Little Army Ch. 7--probably because I knew intuitively that she was like that long before the actual chapter came out. Being the "eldest" in a strict family is something I can empathize with: we seem to handle family problems the same way as well.
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