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Originally Posted by John117xCortana View Post
Considering what Isamu could do in the YF-19 he'd smack Leon's F-22 EMD around like a gag of meat.
Well, Isamu is one hell of a pilot with loads of actual combat experience and the YF-19 can literally break though Earth’d orbital defense network on its own, so perhaps it wasn’t the best match up.

I know!

Send Leon up against the Mayor of Macross Seven and her busted old Valkyrie. It’s just this old lady and this Space War 1 antique. He can take her (No he can't).

Originally Posted by Dragonkid11 View Post
Ya know...I wondered about where the refugees live for awhile...

Does that meant that there's a possible chances that the entire freaking China moved to South East Asia and Japan(They are close)?
Originally Posted by MrTerrorist View Post
From what i read from the MuvLuv Wikia, China formed an alliance with Taiwan so it's possible the leaders of the People's Republic of China are in exile in Taiwan under their host the Republic of China. What an Irony.
Hm, this might actually be a worth a more in depth discussion. For all this talk about weapons, tactics and other such things, the refugee situation and humanitarian effort is one aspect of this universe that might be possible to create a compelling drama about. We’re talking about the displacement of hundreds of millions of people here, sometimes to a country that wasn’t on good terms with them before that might also be so culturally different. There will be food shortages, cultural clashes, resentment all around, maybe even rioting… We actually might get to see what the Red Cross, or whatever organization has taken up their banner, might be doing in the ML world.

What do you guys think?

Originally Posted by Alastor Mobius Toth View Post
I'm sad. So little AC recognition folks, tut tut.
Sorry, can’t help you there since I’m not that big on Armored Core lore. All I know is there’s several different continuities and each one is more grim-dark than the last, and that AC4 is the one with the overpowered mechs that are turning the world into the desert.

How does it end by the way? As far as I can tell with my limited AC knowledge and Angrypokstick’s comments, you just killed off the hero and gave the baddies a free pass to end the world.

Originally Posted by Alastor Mobius Toth View Post
Also, Comet dodged a bullet again, because I had to do a clean install of OS on my desktop, which wiped out all my files.
And this is why I keep backups of everything, including shoving so many documents through my e-mail to my beta-reader that it looks like I’m spamming the poor guy. On the other hand, redundancy is a pain, especially when I have multiple copies of a document labeled ‘Draft-Final-1’ and can’t remember which one is the correct one….

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Other members of Garuda include a Singaporean, Thai and Filipina pilot, non of whom have ever flown a Hornet (though everyone has flown the Tiger II, which pulls double duty as a trainer and frontline TSF).
As long as you don’t characterize the Singaporean after any of those jokers from ‘Ah Boys to Men’, I’ll be happy. I just watched the movie the other day on DVD, and couldn’t get past the first few minutes without feeling thoroughly embarrassed and insulted. I know the SAF is a conscription army, but there are limits god damn it!

Originally Posted by Tempy View Post
Organization Profile - Grey Knights
Affiliation - United Nations / Private Company
I do have to ask about the PMC status. I’m not too hot on ML lore, but I always assumed that ML people wouldn’t treat mercs kindly. From the rampant nationalism and the way all many of the factions distrust each other, I assumed a soldier of fortune would be distrusted by nearly everyone. By definition, they are loyal only to the highest bidder, and this runs the risk on them skipping out when you need them to save their own hides or because someone just offend to pay them more.

The Grey Knights seem pretty idealistic from what you have so far. Perhaps something about the inception of their company is in order to flesh them out further.

On another note...

I was reading the gag article ‘Shipped off to Extra’ when I had a thought. For all this talk about people being dumped in the ML world from wherever they came from, what if there was a case or two that happened in reverse?

Instead of getting to enjoy their BETA free retirement in this nice pleasant harem comedy world with a possible personality change, our poor subject is simply the same person he/she was the moment they bought the farm. Not only will they have to deal with one very bad case of PTSD and seeing harem comedy versions of their comrades all-round every corner, their last memory of their previous world is the memory of getting [crushed to death/eaten alive/blown-up/vaporized/shot by humans/whatever is applicable]. Any thoughts?

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