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Originally Posted by sasahar17 View Post
Hm, this might actually be a worth a more in depth discussion. For all this talk about weapons, tactics and other such things, the refugee situation and humanitarian effort is one aspect of this universe that might be possible to create a compelling drama about. Weíre talking about the displacement of hundreds of millions of people here, sometimes to a country that wasnít on good terms with them before that might also be so culturally different. There will be food shortages, cultural clashes, resentment all around, maybe even riotingÖ We actually might get to see what the Red Cross, or whatever organization has taken up their banner, might be doing in the ML world.

What do you guys think?
Quite intriguing, and I'd say this would be an interesting aspect of the Alternative world to explore. Unfortunately, I doubt my ability to pull it off. Maybe someone like Kei, who took a short ME3 newsblurb - "Kal'Reegar dies protecting a comm relay" and turns it into a manly tearjerking heroic last stand (reposted here with permission by Lowe Gear).

As long as you donít characterize the Singaporean after any of those jokers from ĎAh Boys to Mení, Iíll be happy. I just watched the movie the other day on DVD, and couldnít get past the first few minutes without feeling thoroughly embarrassed and insulted. I know the SAF is a conscription army, but there are limits god damn it!
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Originally Posted by Tempy View Post
See, this is what I want to hear. That way, I can either fix things or try something else. In this case, I'll see to focus more on Stray Dogs or try other PMCs.
In all fairness, it was up to your usual standards and quite decently written. As I said, something just didn't really draw me in.

...and yes, more Stray Dogs pls.
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