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Akane was bloody awesome in this episode. Shrugging off injuries like a boss and then knocking Makishima with the helmet. It was so satisfying to see the untouchable Makishima taken down by the girl he had deemed disappointing, and in such a silly looking way too (it totally got a laugh out of me). I also have to commend Akane for not giving in to revenge and instead doing the right thing.

The ending was disappointing. Sybil's true form is apparently so dreadful revealing it to the public would mean the end of the country. It's now just plain evil rather than morally ambiguous and can't be defended anymore. This spells the end of the debates I enjoyed reading so much.

As for what its true form could be... I guess it uses humans for processing power. Maybe that's why the chief wanted Makishima alive: it's people like him that power the system.

Kagari's death was very predictable so I don't have much to say on the matter. He was a character I could sympathize with. The Sybil system had been completely unfair to him so it was natural he hated it and the people who swore by it. Despite being labeled a latent criminal, he was actually a decent nice guy who never betrayed his friends.

Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
The Chief at the end was unexpected, but it was already hinted earlier that she was a cyborg. Apparently she can overwrite Sybil's judgement, she forced the Dominator into lethal mode, so she has even higher priority than Sybil?
Actually, rather than a cyborg, I think she could be the/an avatar of Sybil itself. She struck me more as a robot than a cyborg.
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