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I don't think there is anything accidental about anything Adachi does. I have read that he and Takahashi are great friends going back to college days and that he has high respect especially for Maison Ikkoku. Furthermore, MI and Touch appeared approximately at the same time, and MI fans have often publicly wished for an MI sequel involving Haruka Godai. Too many coincidences, especially for one as shrewd and calculating as Adachi.

Frankly, I had forgotten that the 4th H in H2 is also Haruka, and I always thought *she* was an MI tribute name as well. (Maybe my view is colored by that fact that I came to Adachi by way of Maison Ikkoku.) Of course, the kanji in Haruka Koga's name mean "spring flower." I am so glad you reminded me of that connection. I don't know how I didn't think of it on my on.
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