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Holy crap! I remember my account info!

Just popping in because I love Adachi and want to talk about Mix.

Like everyone else, I'm a huge fan of Touch. I'm currently in the 1st volume of Mix and having trouble reading because I'm having difficulty containing my excitement... and my anxiety.

I'm terrified Tatsuya and Minami won't show up; I'm terrified they will.


To comment on a few things others have said in this thread:

-Katsu! doesn't really have a tragic element because his father's death occurred prior to story and he never really had a relationship with him, therefore there's no real emotional potency. Adachi is "known" for including tragedy in his stories, but it's not really appropriate. Really, of his big series, the only ones that really emphasized a 'tragedy' were Cross Game and Touch, both to beautiful effect.

-I'm with ya': it's impossible to rank Adachi's best manga, because they're all so good. Yeah: Katsu!, Cross Game, Touch, H2, Miyuki, etc. A bit surprised no one mentioned Niji Iro Togarashii--in my opinion, it's one of his very best works and has, IMHO, one of the best resolutions to a "villain" of any story in any medium.

-Ranking the heroins, though? I'm sorry, but that's not difficult at all. Tsukishima Aoba (Cross Game) is leagues ahead of the best. She wasn't even a heroine--she was THE protagonist of the series.
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