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Time now for lessons in marketing.

The original boxset cover (or variant thereof) for Japanese release always had a blatant disregard for actual context. While that's probably appreciated there, in North America, I could foresee many angry returns.

Funimation finally re-released the DVD's, and they kept Geneon's negative covers. A better touch, but it still didn't seem right. The absolute negatives made the covers hard to see, and the actual images clashed with the effect Funimation wanted. This view probably turned off other people who weren't (commanded) by their friends to buy it. The thing that seemed the most unprofessional was that awful bright red text blanketing the top of the cover.

Finally trying this yet a third time, this version seems right. It has the cute factor. It has the melancholy SCENERY (not background, there's a difference). It has the negative effect, which enhances the positive image. Finally, they add a quote that not only looks good on the cover, it precisely identifies the show to a newcomer.

The thing that I question is, if Funimation is consistently selling out of these things at $50-70 a set, why are the boxsets being re-(re?)-released at a price cut? Oh, and for those that think $40 is a good deal, heh...
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