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wow hoooow cuuute, i so so adore the art of Ep4, its loveable, this artist portrays every character in such perfect way that really suits each of them and he/she draws so adorable chibis im really happy that he/she got to work on ep4, i would love it if Souichirou drew also one of the other arcs...well...or maybe not as it may take a while to finish this one...

anyway we are at some magic scenes AT LAST...but still 5 moths has passed since it started serialization and there is no signs of erm... "present" time Rokkenjima/metaWorld, where is my Beato with confetti and battle for Ronove's croissants T_T

and btw so much chapters are already out, its enough to make first volumes of Banquet and Alliance already, i wonder when will they release them

and btw2

wtf is this lol
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