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Originally Posted by KhaS View Post
So what I would like to find is maybe a slice of life type anime centered around adult people (college is fine too; but don't get me started on Honey & Clover...). A little bit of romance here and there is good also, but please, no cheesy stuff and no timid types.
The "Noitamina" block on FujiTV has shown a variety of series that might appeal to you (even though H&C is in that list). Its primary target audience is young adults. Given your interests, you might want to start by looking at Nodame Cantabile about young classical musicians attending a Tokyo conservatory. Threads about Noitamina shows can be found here.

I watched a anime about a barman (can't remember the ame) a while back and found it pretty nice except that it was too episodic for me. I kinda like long story arcs.
It's called Bartender , and it's one of my favorite shows. You'll see an image of Miwa at age four (from the remarkable episode two) at the end of my signature "gallery" below.

I suspect you might enjoy any of the shows linked in my signature. However, I'm going to suggest you start by trying Kure-nai. While the main characters are a sixteen-year-old boy and an eight-year-old girl, there's nothing juvenile about Kure-nai. It's an uncommon mixture of drama, comedy, and slice-of-life with excellent characterizations and voice acting.

If you're looking for a long, serious dramatic story, there's little that can compare to Monster. Not much romance, though. All the main characters are adults.

Finally, you might want to give Welcome to the NHK! a try. The characters are young adults with some deep psychological issues. The story careens back and forth between hilarity and sadness.
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