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>episode 5 I really thought the school was being haunted by an ecchi poltergeist.

Sure you don't mean ep 4? It airs on Tuesdays so I suppose it is possible you've seen 5 already, though.

The eyecatch in ep 4 was hilarious, note Kazuki in the background on his hands and knees in a pool of blood from his nose in the second pic of it. ^^ At first I thought the episode was just more of the same pattern being repeated, but I guess it's OK since it affected Kuriko and Rin's attitudes a bit and it was still pretty fun. Of course I would have been happy with just the fan service anyway. ^^

I still think S-C wins worst translation with their ep1, ~13:20 translation of Kuriko's "hanashi ga hayai wa. sugu sugu kara, otonashiku shite ite ne." into "Hearing you were my older brother, we don't have much to talk about." which I don't agree with at all. I admit I'm writing the Japanese as I hear/understand it, but I think the adjective otonashii (obedient/docile/quiet) is pretty darn clear (and disagreeing there is the only place where they could get anything brother like from). ;/ I haven't watched multiple groups of one ep or even one particular group regularly, so maybe this was an isolated incident.
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