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When I first read this manga series, I was speechless. I didn't know what to say about this kind of romance manga. I mean the whole concept of the main character, Hachibe, going for women that have his ideal body parts instead of getting to know the women on the inside was just shocking. Wow, shallow much. LOL
But this uniqueness is what makes Ai Kora so damn good. =] that and Hachibei superpowers are HILARIOUS. The way his angry face is drawn never fails to make me smile, and all the things he says when not super obvious are awesome because not only do you have to be a man of a man to say it out like he does, you also have to be a complete IDIOT. He does what many guys want to do but never will because it's just not worth it. Kind of like a child who uses all their money to buy toys. All of us would say no, but you can't deny it, if you could, you would've been tempted to back then
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