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Needless to say, I find it highly unlikely that an admiral will fall at this current time (ESPECIALLY in the case of the new ones). I may sorta kinda agree with James if the admiral(s) in question were the ones from before the skip, but even then that would leave only Kizaru (Aokiji's no longer a marine, and no way in hell Akainu going to be toppled anytime soon now that he's an FA).

But yes, I believe it's clear at this point that this will be the arc where Dofla will fall. After this, my guess is that Luffy and co. will be gunning for one of the yonkou (and out of them, I'd say it's most likely Kaidou, since even the current Caribou story ties in with that particular emperor). HOWEVER, I also expect Luffy to ally himself with more powerful NW pirates before he actually faces the emperor(s) in question. Because while I do agree that the stakes should be much higher in the series' second half, I'd still find it pretty BS if Luffy were capable of toppling the biggest world powers solo.....
but eventually luffy will have to fight an admiral or a yonkou and win... what I don't understand is how he will get to that point without another time skip to level up... because clearly right now he is no where near their level
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