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Lol I love Cecil. I like that he tends to say what others won't say. It's nice seeing him in every episode, and I liked his line of Haruka being a prisoner to them. I never really considered that idea, but I guess it plays into how some folks see those they idolize: it's almost like a prison. Though i wouldn't say that applies so much here, but I do see Cecil's point.

Ahh Tokiya was too funny. I love the weird, blown proportions faces they make in the show.
A Hirijikawa episode, but lots of the other folks too. The episodes feel awfully short though. Hope we see some of the senpais later.

Meanwhile, currently on my shipping with Haruka list:

1. Syo
2. Cecil
3. Hirijikawa

We'll see where everyone else lands as the show continues.
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