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My problem with Cecil is that right now he's a borderline Mary Sue. The exotic foreign royalty who is so special he's scouted by Shining himself, he has a ~special connection~ with the heroine, he ~rebels~ against the constraints and conventions, he immediately shows the original charas how much better he is than they are, he has all the good ideas, he sets the others straight about obvious stuff, etc...

Like the line about why they don't use Haruka for practice. They missed a pretty nice zinger there, by having everyone go "ooh! thanks Cecil, why didn't we think of that!" like they're complete idiots. (Well, they are idiots, but you know what I mean. XD) It would've been funnier and less annoying if it turned out that they didn't use Haruka because they didn't want Masa to monopolize her, or something like that.

(Also, I'm a bit miffed because he's basically Otoya #2 but gets to have all the focus, and do all the stuff Otoya is not allowed to. I'm going to be even more miffed if the Otoya episode goes the way this episode went...)

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