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I just started watching season one out of boredom and I"m seriously surprised at how much I liked it so far. MC is a speshul snowflake whom all the boys love in some way, though I'm not sure about Miyano's character (or as me and my friend calls him, "Japanese Justin Timberlake).

I'm starting to warm up to Haruka some; she's wishy washy as hell, but I've seen worst female MCs(Amnesia). I'm horrible because I laugh my arse off at how every song is a reference to how much of a speshul snowflake Haruka is..

I have to say though...this has turned me onto Miyano's music. Of all of the seiyuu I've some to known throughout the years, I have to honestly say Miyano is probaly one of the few that can sing. Same with whomever voices the bluehaired Tsundere that isn't Tokiya and Sawabe's character. Those guys can seriously sing.

I prefer the individual songs though; I can't get past that goofy ED and its hilarious Engrish
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