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Originally Posted by Rengemaru
yeah english VA always sound wrong in anime, i hate it >.< why do people want to see it in english while the JP version is ten times better
I quite share your sentiment. although there are dubbed animes that did some nice jobs. (I mean, Studio Ghibli films were dubbed nicely. then again, those are movies and they can afford to hire VAs w/names).

back on topic... I think my only qualm with North American VA is that the character tends to adapt to the voice actor; rather than the voice actor adapting to the character. I'm not gonna delve deeper into this because it's been discussed so many times. but, this is the reason why I sometimes hesitate to buy the dvds.

Originally Posted by Matt Soulblade
I wonder what are they going to do with all the language-related things (for example, when tenma tries to write "suki") and other Japanese related stuff, like History.
that's the first thing that came into mind. sigh... I guess we'll just have to see how they'll go about it.
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