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Originally Posted by Potatochobit
they should hire proffesional studios like the one that did the original metal gear solid voices for PSX. that is one of the best voice acting jobs in any US videogame/anime show. i dont particularly like ADV dubs. i used to like the viz ones, but they reuse actors to often, hearing them always reminds me of ranma1/2.
Lol! Funi uses professional Dubs and I think School Rumble with feature them.

And btw you CANNOT use Metal Gear Solid as an example. They don't have mouths! You can do anything if you don't have to follow lip flaps.

Btw Who do you think is going to play Tenma? I want to say The girl who did Chiyo-Chan but honestly I hated her Yuna of Maburaho voice.
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