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News of the millennium!... or not.

I don't disagree that the timing could potentially be very poor if Kanon and Air are sold concurrently for the reasons mentioned in this thread, which makes me think that ADV don't see either titles as being big winners outside of a very niche market that have already seen them. Which is a pity, since they're probably not going to be marketed in such a way that their exposure or fanbase is going to grow a great deal thanks to this (possible) license. I'm also ruing the fact that it's ADV. Of the three major N.A. licensing companies, ADV is the one I trust the least. I'd sleep far more comfortably if this were in the hands of Geneon or Funi.

Nonetheless, this is one of those titles that doesn't lend itself very easily to an English dub (although, admittedly, Air is probably a far greater challenge to dub than this is). Thus, I don't have terribly high expectations for the dub. Oh well, if it does eventuate, I'll certainly buy it.
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