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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
I Wonder Why They Take Season one & two In Two Season..?
They Could Put season One & two In one Season..
An experimental anime like SZS can either be a success or bomb horribly. The sponsors were only willing to pay for one season to start with, pending a continuation if the reception was good. It WAS good, hence a second season was paid-for and being made right now.

Here's an example: 2 separate anime series were made in the same year, that of "Candidate for Goddess" and "Vandread". Both involved space mecha battles, and both used heavy CGI. Both shows had 13 episodes paid-for and produced, and both ended at that point without a clear conclusion to the story.

Vandread received funding to continue, and gained a proper conclusion in the second season.

Candidate for Goddess was not so lucky, and the project died without ever showing who the final villain was. In fact, the main character never even graduated. Fans of the show were forced to read the original manga in order to know what happened next.

A Western equivalent would be the HEROES TV show. At any time, if the ratings drop off, the HEROES production crew could be told that there wouldn't BE another season.
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