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@Edgewalker: I remember seeing this thought process in one of my first religious studies classes in university. Nice presentation of it and the translative boundary filter between Objective and Subjective.

@Kyuusai: I think he's pointing at the God-directed massacres of entire peoples (and their little dogs) that occupy a fair amount of the Old Testament as told from the perspective of the massacring agents. I'm not going to add to that because I suspect you and I have some similar ideas on the Old Testament in regard to its applicability on "how to live one's life."
Also, when the Roman Empire hoisted the "Christian" flag after that particular battle -- many aspects of that religion took a sudden turn.

@all: I'm a little concerned that this thread is transmogrifying from an explanation of one's belief system (or why one doesn't) ... into a critique of particular religions or non-religious views. Subtle difference, yeah. Just try to bat the sacred cows around without slamming them into each other, eh? Its hard to explain why you don't believe something without bumping someone else's personal tablets.

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