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Originally Posted by Kyuusai View Post
Wait a tick.

The devout do, indeed, tend to do atrocious things. If it's in opposition to the teaching of their religion, though, how is the religion to blame?
The religious organization orchestrating the affair could be to blame, but I was not stating that the religion itself is to blame - I believe you saw what I was saying and have probably seen those examples used to justify stating that religion is evil and causes strife. That's a different subject entirely. What I was saying was indirectly in response to Blizzer's statements/implying that a non-religious person lacks a sense of morals. TinyRedLeaf stated that he felt this was false because he feels that there is a distinction and knows of it, despite being agnostic.

I merely wanted to take his argument a step further and turn it slightly on the offensive by showing that even those with religion on their side can and have commit wrongs - they've committed some of the most atrocious wrongs in the history of the civilized world. I feel it's important to know this because many people feel that because they are religious, that they are superior to the non-religious and/or those of "inferior" religions. When you feel that you are morally and ethically superior to those around you, you are set to commit some horrible wrongs and not even realize it. I want the religious zealots to be sober and know that they're not immune from committing the very sins they dedicate their life to eradicating.

I am not anti-religious; I am not religious, but I belong to one of the "major three" religions. I feel it's important to know what religion can lead to partly because I've seen plenty of stuck-up Christians. They feel that they must save everyone else and that because they go to church every Sunday, they're saints. Many of these people are quite deplorable and unkind, to put it nicely. I feel that they've become drunk with moral righteousness while putting in very little effort to improve themselves. I will echo Vexx in stating that you approach these matters with a cool head, Kyuusai. You are a good example of a person who follows religion and takes its message the right way - or maybe you're just a good person at heart.
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