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Originally Posted by WanderingKnight View Post
On reading Kyuusai's post, I felt the urge to post my (further offtopic) comment on religions:

I have no problem with people believing whatever they want. What I do have problems with is with other people using the beliefs as tools to herd people around. And, historically, that's what religions have been--a tool to herd people. Some currents of thinking may also argue that the very reason why they were born was to control people... so, under those views, religion is actually bad in and of itself (well, if you actually consider the manipulation of people a bad thing, that is).

I'm not alleging adherence to that line of thinking, but my heart would rather do so.
And that is the reasons why religion is important for most governments throughout history.

But everybody have a religion, not just Christianity, or Buddhism, but it is the belief. If you believe that there is no god then that is your religion. So I don't really get why would people say things like "I have no religion" or "religion is bad for you"
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