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Originally Posted by kalbron View Post
Eh, they probably tried years ago. However when you've got an institutional system of training all your citizens for warfare AND the resources to build/purchase supplies for them all AND have a few genius weapon designers like Professor Theimer... well... I'm betting Gallia thumbed their noses at a deal because it wouldn't benefit them at all.

Also, given the way that they're portrayed in the game it wouldn't surprise me at all to learn that a number of small nation states were forced into joining the Federation rather than willingly joining.

If Maximillian hadn't invaded Gallia there was a distinct possibility that the Federation would have still tried to strong-arm them into joining through an invasion.
Heh. Looks like Gallia is well-prepared. They seemed to have done everything right: using the blessing of resources wisely, while developing human capital. However, while the Fed is not above using warfare to supplement their commercial interests, they probably wouldn't push anyone to the brink, for fear of "kicking the iron board", as Hellsing's Alucard would put it.

The Fed reminds me of the side Westwood/EA created for their Dune games: the Ordos. No doubt, there is a ruling cartel behind. I wonder who their "first among equals" is?
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