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Originally Posted by USCPharmacist
One more thing, the five weapons Makie uses are throwing sticks, ball, ribbon, rope and the hoop.
Hmmm, which chapter is this mentioned? (Must look it up.)

Originally Posted by sarcasteak
Well, so far Sakurako has won two underdog bets--she bet on 2-A to win first place AND Nodoka to win out in the Kiss Battle, so her "luck" is already apparent; she's the anti-Kistune, so to speak...
Good point- I missed that.

I forgot to add two more card interpretations- here they are:


Ayaka is a tough girl to work out because she doesn't seem to have any outstanding talents (unless you watch DIC Sailor Moon, in which case she does have a pair of "outstanding talent" .) However she does say in volume 4 and displays in volume 5 that she has martial arts training (small spoiler but it won't hurt.) The only things she has in abundance is beauty, intelligence, wealth, style and a love for Negi! But she is class president and everyone respects her, so her virtue, 'justice' and the fact that she is upper class ('bourgeois') places her skill as perhaps a wise and just leader and possible organiser. If she has got magical skills, she might be able to throw clouds of flower petals to confuse and confound attackers.


Although Satomi hasn't appeared as a featured character in the few appearances she has made with a speaking part we already know that she is a whiz with mechanics. So it seems fairly obvious where Satomi's talents lie- in inventing, building and repairing machines. Dare I say that she would have talents that would rival McGyver and Washuu if she made a contract with Negi? Whilst her virtue is 'intelligence' I would qualify it by saying it's not theoretical intelligence, where one thinks up ideas, but more practical intelligence, where one solves problems. And don't they say, "necessity is the mother of invention?"

Widya Santoso
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