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Originally Posted by Sydney2k
I'm reading Diaphanus' replies to my card interpretations, thinking 'he doesn't know that the cards can do', when I realise- "he doesn't know that the cards can do!!!", then we are really spoiling things for Diaphanus here! Shame on us! >_<


Originally Posted by Sydney2k
Originally Posted by USCPharmacist
One more thing, the five weapons Makie uses are throwing sticks, ball, ribbon, rope and the hoop.
Hmmm, which chapter is this mentioned? (Must look it up.)
Akamatsu mentioned it in the latest "Negima's Work Space" on this page:

I only have the translated version...but it's in there. ^_^


Anyways, I've just read the translated 69th Hour.

No more Konayuki's Negima scanslations...VERY NOOO!~ >_____<
She announced that due to her financial woes and inability to find a job, she's too depressed to work on scanslations. As for the guy doing the editing, he's forced to devote time elsewhere...nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!~

Sigh, I love their side commentaries so much I even prefer their scanslation to the actual Chinese publication (which I still buy). Ay, time to look for alternate source for Negima (and DCSG?!) scans...Miyusky comes to mind, but nothing can replace the void left in my heart~ T___T

But enough of the depressing talk! Onward with Negima!

Spoiler for 69th Hour:

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