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Originally Posted by Diaphanus
Originally Posted by Sydney2K
I'm reading Diaphanus' replies to my card interpretations, thinking 'he doesn't know that the cards can do', when I realise- "he doesn't know that the cards can do!!!"
Yesss... in fact, I'm just going on 1) what I've read in English volume 2 (I haven't read English volume 1 yet), 2) my knowledge of Latin, and 3) what you folks have told me. In other words, I still know relatively little. To be honest, I really haven't seen how those cards relate to the story. I didn't even know they did have any special connection to the story until your previous post.

With that said, I think that my Latin translations will make more sense after I know more about what the cards can do.
Originally Posted by sarcasteak, then we are really spoiling things for Diaphanus here! Shame on us! >_<
Not really- I avoided describing Konoka's, Nodoka's and Setsuna's cards because they are in the story, whilst the others (excepting Asuna's) are still only conjecture. What the cards do is really a spoiler though.
Originally Posted by USCPharmacist
So the translator is Japanese, I always thought she is Chinese, oh well.

I also enjoyed her little comments, guess I'll have to wait for the slow arse Tongli's translation.
You call that slow, how about Meow's English/Finnish translation? Tankubon 7's just passed the current translated chapter.

USChemist, your spoiler didn't work- you have to use square brackets. Here's your spoiler:

Widya Santoso
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