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Decided to post it here, since Ep8 thread is being heavily moderated right now. Most of this post relies on post-Ep8 knowledge, so be forwarned. The post below (originally from Ep8 thread) was the prime catalyst of the speculating that follows. Fell free to consult Ep8 thread for additional info (the thread contains final Umineko spoilers, of course).

Spoiler for Ep8 knowledge that doesn't actually prove anything:

Spoiler for An outline of possible Battler culprit theory, just for the hell of it:

At least that kind of a reveal would make Umineko a passable mystery novel. What we have now is a train wreck of unfulfilled ambition, honestly.

And btw I'm all with Sherringford, Iromaru and others regarding the fact that in its current (finished?) state Umineko is just a hoax and an insult both to the sizeable part of the fanbase and common sense in general (that's not to say I hadn't a blast following it, mind you, 'cause R07 is a good writer, unfortunately).

And I find any arguments to the tune of "what do you mean it's not a mystery, we've never been promised one, it still has merit as blahblahblah" just laughable, frankly.
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