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Hi , I have a small question to those who read episode 8. It does not relate to either the mystery as a whole or the ending. What I would like to know is whether the whole Kanon/Jesica reletionship was elaborated in any way, in light of what we now know for certain about Kanon's rather well "elusive" nature.

With Gorge and Sahnon everything stil seemed clear to me even after all of episode 6-7 revelations, but with Jessica I somehow feelt that some more character study was needed to elaborate as to how she fell in love with the alter ego of her best and oldest childhood friend. If not then at the very least some insight or hint as to how their whole aquitance must have really looked like considering the reality of the situation.

Was there anything at all,a small part of a dialogue or a creptic refrence would do.
Rest assured their relationship is not only elaborated upon, but reimagined in a new dramatic light. It is truly shocking how central Kanon's wool hat was to the final revelation of the true nature of Rokkenjima. Everything is expounded upon, and dramatised in a glorious way that would cause even an audience accustomed to such greats as Shakespeare to cheer loudly enough such that their cheers would cause a reverberation throughout the world of theatre--

Well, anyway, don't hope for too much.
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