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Originally Posted by Vash1306 View Post
What technology is being shared by the ELS exactly? He mobile suits they become are not machines are they? I thought the ELS GN-X flying around in the movie are the ELS themselves (ie living beings, not machine/technology)?
Its more like the ELS "become" technology themselves. They are metallic shapeshifters but they also become ships, space stations, mobile suits and the like. Its more like they shift their shapes to become exactly like the machines but they're still alive and sentient. The seperation of machines and life that we are used to seem to be different for the ELS as they have the ability to morph into machines as they see fit.

But the ELS do possess technology though, and technology is more the knowledge of machines to put it in a simple way. Humans can still learn a lot from them. They possess the ability to developed things, as they developed their own Solar Energy System on their home planet prior to it being sun expanding before becoming cold. They also have assimilated many civilizations before, who have likely developed their own technology and likely possess data on many of them as they can probably just shift into them so a lot can be learned. Humanity can likely learn many new things by studying the ELS' forms that they took somewhere else or even made themselves. They're literally what their assigned name is, shapeshifting living metal. The difference with humanity machines is that the materials they are made off...........well they're not alive.
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