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Originally Posted by Kirito View Post
I hate manga sites sometimes. I register to watch a series and it never updates me on whether or not that respective series has been updated. None the less... I'm here to announce that chapter 4 of this series has been scanlated and released!
Spoiler for Chapter 4:

I sense blood and it's not good. Wonder how the next chapter is going to play out.

I agree. There are a few instances when H-artists can draw good characters and use them for good stories or potentially good ones. I feel like some could do without Hisasi for example.
Takeda Hiromatsu and Fukudahda (Kensoh Ogawa) is another example of this. Though the latter's Iinazuke Kyoutei isn't as annoying as the former's Maken-Ki, it's one of those stories that you're just like, you know? Just make a version of what you're good at of this story and just stop.
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