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Whether Sarutobi is stronger than the 1st and 2nd or not, I don't think this is the way to go about debating that. Mokuton is specifically designed to controlling the Tailed Beasts, same way the Sharingan is; saying somebody with one of those things is stronger than somebody who doesn't because they can take care of Tailed Beasts makes no sense. It's not really fair to Hiruzen to make a comparison like that.
Agreed. This would be like faulting Hashirama as being weaker than Madara (before he went all freak science experiment) for being unable to take control of the Kyuubi in their fight. The Mangekyou Sharingan trumps all else in controlling the Kyuubi because that's a specific power; other ninjas can find ways to counter, nullify or otherwise get around such specific powers, as Hashirama did. Similarly, Hashirama's bloodline ability does not make him automatically better than those that don't have it; the Third Raikage was able to deal with a Tailed Beast on his own quite handily even without the First Hokage's ability, for example.
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