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I voted Laxus, Gray, Jellal and Jet.

Laxus is at the top on my list. I basically like anything that has to do with lightning, and if I were a mage my magic of choice would be lightning. Laxus hasn't had enough screentime if you ask me.

Gray is pretty self-explanatory.

Jellal is pretty cool, he has a large variety of badass spells. What's there not to like except the generic "What have I done?! I must repent for my sins!" ordeal.

Jet because...well, even though I said lightning would be my magic of choice his High Speed is something I'd want too. Imagine having overslept for work, there's lots of traffic so you can't drive or commute. Just call the office, say you'll be there in a minute, blast off with High Speed then you're there.
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