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Originally Posted by SoldierOfDarkness View Post
Never mind the part where some of the posters are talking about Kio going on a no-kill spree after meeting with the vagans was what some of us here were discussing apart.

So unless you've been hiding under a rock I'm not so sure how you missed that. Especially since I'm quoting someone.
I didn't miss it, I just didn't understand how you went and compared that to SEED/Destiny when everyone kills in SEED/Destiny.

In other words, I was asking you to clarify what you mean by a "no-kill policy."

If, as Rising Dragon said, you were referring to Kira's preference to disable most of the time (although he's still willing to kill), then that still doesn't explain your complaint about how "No-kill policies are completely unrealistic and doesn't achieve anything."

Fact of the matter is that Kira's preferred method of fighting was never presented as the way to end war, rather it has always been part of his characterization that began with his role in the Archangel to the meeting with Andrew all the way to killing Nichol and fighting with Athrun, and finally meeting Lacus who gave him the power to fight the way he wants to fight.

So, again, if you're going to complain about "no-kill policies" and use SEED/Destiny as an example, all I'm asking is that you clarify what you mean. Because what you are apparently complaining about does not appear to be a major part of SEED/Destiny to me.
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