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@Tsunade, like i said, i only know about the kiss and about Sky Raker's legs being recovered, after reading it a few pages back, i didn't read it in the LN, that is why i am asking for confirmation. darn i thought you knew about this, since i saw you posting very early in this thread, someone mentioned it in this thread.

@Xplorer30, umm no i haven't yet, i'll read it right now ty, oh and uh. do ya have an EST on when Vol. 3 Chp 13 Eng Trans will be done? i am really eager to read. hehe ^_^. Thanks again for your hard work.

yeah i've been in previous pages of this thread, that Fan Fic on AW is really annoying. i saw like 3 or 4 of those already. no offense to the posters.

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