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Gaining proof? She must have realized that by himself at one point long time before 1986 unless he was completely retarded.
Yasu probably suspected there was something wrong with her body, but that's a far cry from "we castrated you and isolated you from living with your peers to hide it after you fell off a cliff because we were afraid your dad might rape you just like he raped your mom. BUT LOOK AT ALL THE SHINY GOLD YOU HAVE!"

Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
You're point is moot anyway. I'm talking about overreactions here. Unless you can argue that it is understandable for a transexual to become a psycopath, Yasu is still a very unsympathetic person.
I think it's understandable for anyone to go crazy after being faced with that level of lying and manipulation from people she had previously trusted. But make no mistake, Yasu is screaming in agony over them allowing her to live when her body is "like this" in the red guts scene. That should probably be a pretty big hint as to how she felt about it.
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