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I think it's understandable for anyone to go crazy after being faced with that level of lying and manipulation from people she had previously trusted.
"Murder a bunch of people who had nothing to do with it" crazy, though? I do not buy that for a second.

To believe a person irrational enough to kill themselves is one thing. To believe them both irrational and hopelessly callous to people who have never wronged them is another matter entirely and I sincerely believe that someone who is characterized the way she is characterized would stop herself from such madness, even if resolved to commit suicide.

Remember, even if we assume all the adults have somehow done her wrong, and all the servants, and Battler (which is stupid, but I'm accepting your premise on its face here), as far as I can tell Maria/Jessica/George never have. And probably Hideyoshi.

I can somewhat accept "these people have wronged me or wronged my family or lied to me, I don't care what happens to them." But there are people there she cares about and who have done their damndest not to hurt her, at least so far as we (and she) seem to know or care about. To cross the line further and say "I don't care what happens to them either" is the act not of a person in despair, but of an utter monster.

And she is not characterized as a monster, nor does anyone accept it when she portrays herself that way. Which leads me to believe that, when worse came to worse, I don't think she could bring herself to harm those people. Apparently, she couldn't bring herself to harm Battler... or else Battler just coincidentally happened to get away, but that doesn't seem like it'd be a satisfying resolution at all. Plus Eva. There shouldn't have been any survivors if her execution were as professional as Beatrice's.

I think she's just not capable of doing that outside of the stories. She has trouble doing it within them.
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