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Originally Posted by Patchwork Chimera View Post
Some guy you don't know goes and blows you home with all your family and familiars inside. The incident causes you to lose it, amnesia, attacks, despair and ending in a wheelchair. Yoir little sister grows as damaged as they get and then returns to the gameboard. And then she's also killed.

You have to be Jesus, capitain. You have to be Jesus to forgive that.


She goes so sad she vaporizes into gold dust. I could FORGIVE her. I could nor MARRY HER!
I have the feeling you're confusing the meta-layer/Rokkenjima Prime with the gameboards here. It looks as if you're talking partially about Tohya. If meta-Battler in the games is representing the part of Tohya that's Battler, then to him, if he realises that Beatrice is the culprit on the gameboard but might not be the culprit in Rokkenjima Prime, then maybe he has reason to forgive her. If Beatrice is painting herself as the culprit in the stories to cover for someone, then he could feel bad about thinking it was her. (Particularly if Battler is the real culprit or an accomplice! )

The impression I got isn't that Battler forgave Beatrice, but that he realised that she wasn't to blame in the first place and that he even wanted her forgiveness. Now, if what he realised was "If only I hadn't forgotten my promise, Beatrice wouldn't have killed my family! It's all my fault!" then OK, things are messed up there. But it doesn't make sense for him to think that, in my opinion. Jesus or not, it isn't a logical train of thought for him to follow. Meta-Battler didn't get presented as a person who would simply forgive mass murder in real life. But he did grow into someone who wasn't always horrified by "fictional" murder on the gameboards - like in the love duel, where he was hardly yelling at Jessica/George/Shannon/Kanon/Beatrice for the murders they committed during that.
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