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. But he did grow into someone who wasn't always horrified by "fictional" murder on the gameboards - like in the love duel, where he was hardly yelling at Jessica/George/Shannon/Kanon/Beatrice for the murders they committed during that.
I found that sequence really interesting because even Jessica and George ended up approaching it as fiction. It's the first time that the story openly raises the idea of taking mundane conflicts and highlighting them on a gameboard by amplifying them to the level of "motives for murder".

We don't point at those scenes and claim that Meta or Piece Jessica is a horrible, irredeemable monster because she'd boil Kyrie in lava for the sake of her crush in that situation. It's understood that the "motive" was a caricature for the reader's benefit and that we shouldn't approach Piece Jessica as having the same level of realism as a real-world murderer. Although the murder in question took place in a fantasy scene, Battler went to the trouble of putting that element in a game about Beatrice's origins, and even included a fantasy-meta level to talk about it in, so I think it would do a lot of good to consider why he did that.
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