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But the truth is that if Yasu had born female and never suffered any injuries, nothing would have changed at all. Battler would have still forgot about his promise, George would have still proposed to Shannon, and Yasu would have still snapped when Battler decided to come back 6 years later.
If it would be this way in last two years Yasu wouldn't have felt like an inhuman garbage who deserves no future, whose only way to be free of such body is to die, which wouldn't led her to depression and constant fights within herself, joining the ones she already had, completing a list of her conflicting desires, which are one of the main reasons why the truth of umineko is left without confirmation. The catbox itself may have been her true intention as it fulfills all of her wishes that are impossible in the real world.
The ShKanon/furniture complex is a part of what Yasu wanted Battler to understand through her game. And it meant a lot to her.
Her hopeless and desperate mental condition + Battler brings us what we have. Erasing one of them will change the story.
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